We’ve been keeping busy…

Again, we’ve been keeping real busy and released four full games during June! Considering how shitty the weather has been at least in Sweden, it’s no wonder we choose to get our sunburns in front the blue screen instead. And frankly, we wouldn’t want it any other way… ūüėČ

4First up during June was what might very well turn out to be the top commercial game release during 2015 – Gravitrix, (c) Psytronik/RGCD. Supplied by Nith and cracked+trained+6R6’s awesome IFFL-loader installed by Sailor! If you have a local TRIAD dealer nearby or if you’re admitted to the top boards you know where to get this one. If not – buy the original (which you should anyway, because it’s such a kick-ass game!).


Next in line was Hangman’s Hazard, an extremely rare american game only sold via mail-hang5order. The game was hunted down and obtained by our man across the pond, Moloch! Sailor installed the IFFL and did the PAL-fix while Lynx handled the trainer. Documentation packaged by Taper and Bepp.

This is quite a good game well worth to play, and a GTW solved in the process. Read the docs for info on how to add a CPU player to the action!


sank4Then another very rare gem was handled, this time an adventure called Sankara Stone from the swedish firm Compro. Supplied by Yodelking/Defiers who found the original copy in his brother Conan/Defiers diskbox (he sadly passed away three years ago). A big thanks to Yodelking who contacted us and asked us to take care of this game, in honor of Conan!

Sailor worked wonders on this game. The original had an illegal track to prevent copyingsank5 and a signature (“F.O”) on the disk that the protection looked for.¬†The bootfile(s) also set several memorypositions to specific values which were verified within the the game later on. The values were checked several times and were crossreferenced with eachother.¬†The original game occupied a full diskside(590 blocks). Pictures were cleaned up and compressed to the memory. Now they load from the memory instead from disk. Yodelking also helped testing, while Bepp offered some additional services. More info in the scroller!


139345Last but not least, we teamed up with our pirate friends in Genesis*Project to give you¬†Labyrinth of Crete (101% &DS &Map as well as onesided, to be exact). Again a whole bunch of members from the two crews worked together, most notably Sailor, Zyron and hedning.¬†GRG’s IFFL loader was installed, an image broken in the original ported from the Atari version,¬†20 other pictures bugfixed, bug when loading pictures fixed, bug in the interpreter fixed, various small bugs fixed,¬†3 maps on disk pixelled by Mermaid, full documentation included as well as complete¬†walkthrough provided. No secret that our version is vastly superior to the bug-ridden original!

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