Welcome 2020!

We ended the past year by releasing yet a bunch of new games on the very last day. Jetdroid and Magnetoball are two more games from OneButtonSmashers employing a simplified control scheme. The first was handled by Lynx while the latter was done by Maxlide, with auxiliary duties handled by Taper, El Topo and Skyhawk.

Ca$h managed to obtain UFO Cownapper preview by employing some classic sweet-talking, which was then quickly trained and linked by Lynx.

In December Nith released Mesmerizer for the Intro Creation Competition, together with TDM and Twoflower. As 2020 begun we entered yet another intro, entitled Triggered. This fab production was built by Powerslave, TDM and Twoflower. We are overwhelmed with the great reception that we’ve had with these two entries and now we’re eagerly awaiting the final results.

Triggered by TRIADMesmerizer by TRIAD

TDM also put out a fixed version of his tune Vandal Heart, since the one included in Vandalism News sadly bugged after playing about 75% of the tune.

Most recently wbochar went all in and created five contributions for the tiny PETSCII compo 2020. Also Skyhawk contributed with one piece. Check them out under our releases.

Unfortunate for us, in January ilesj decided to leave the mothership in favor for his fellow countrymen in Artline Designs. During his time in TRIAD, he has been responsible for art direction and graphics for our award-winning demos Continuum and Neon, as well as several other appreciated productions. We wish ilesj all the luck with his new projects, and will miss him with all our hearts.


TRIAD receiving the first price at Datastorm 2017 with Neon.
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