Way overdue update

We’ve been sloppy with updates for quite a while. Of course, you who frequently keep up to date with the happenings on the scene know that we have been working as usual.

It would be a futile effort to try to recap all that has happened since the last update, so we will just concentrate on what has happened during the last week…

A few days ago, Gubbdata 2021 was held in Lund. Still in pandemic mode, most of the party was held online in a digital fashion, but Skyhawk represented TRIAD live on site.

Jucke and Skyhawk/TRIAD looking fancy live at the Gubbdata 2021 party!

We had some treats to release as well. First the educational PETSCII show Droids of Star Wars, teaching you about the different types of droids in the Star Wars universe, with graphics by Wbochar + El-Topo, music by TDM + Dalezy and code by Icon + Wbochar.

The BBS intro Mad Scientist for Antidote BBS was another one published by us, this time with PETSCII by Skyhawk, code by Icon, music by ne7 and sample cutting by Taper.

Three pieces of graphics were also put out; Gerontoeroticon from Frost, Tjardalen from Twoflower and Coitus Interruptus by Skyhawk.

From left; Droids of Star Wars, Mad Scientist, Gerontoeroticon, Tjardalen and Coitus Interruptus.
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