TRIAD northern: first gathering

This weekend our forces in the freezing north of Sweden – Houbba, Twoflower (welcome back to Sweden!) and Ruk – had a little retro evening at Houbba’s place. Despite the fact that Houbba’s equip had been stashed away since the early 90’s, it proved to be working perfectly allright when all cables were connected. Commodore – Dealer Quality Hardware!

Many hours later and a bunch of rare findings in the lost disk boxes (!), the evening came to a sudden end when a slightly over-excited Twoflower broke Houbba’s Speedking joystick while demoing Prince of Persia =)

All in all it was a very nice evening with, what may well be, the three most northern sceners in the world!!? We’re already looking forward to seeing the first release from this “power trio”!

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