LCP 2011 turned out a great party and quite a few TRIAD members showed up, including iopop, Itch, Taper, Cash, Twoflower, Avalon, Bepp, Spot (merged in) and old-timer Zcram (sadly did not end up being photographed).

We released our demos “BitsnPieces” and “High Stakes” (made live at the partyplace!), and after the compo 42 disks were spread with TRIAD releases, each in a box complete with a TRIAD flyer and some candy. Highly apprecited among our fans and friends! Grab our releases now!

We applaude our competitors in other groups who made the democompo a truly remarkable and enjoyable event. Also a big thanks to Mogwai the data doctor for once again battling heaps of broken hardware, and to Ed/Wrath Designs who took a bunch of neat group-photos of us, including the one at the top of this post.

All in all, more than 100 people showed up at the party. Be sure to check out the archive at the LCP 2011 site, as more photos and other things will surface there eventually.

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