datakalsongThe TRIAD boys are back from a pleasant stay at Gubbdata 2013 in Lund, Sweden. Members present were iopop, bepp, King Fisher, Itch and Taper. We had a great time together with sceners from various different groups and also released some new stuff for you to enjoy! As you can see on the picture, kalsongdata was the way of the weekend!

So, we bid you our releases from the party, containing the following goodies that we hope you’ll enjoy:

– Our contribution to the Gubbdata 2013 democompo, containing content from iopop, Itch, dalezy, ne7, Vent and Romppainen! A fitting oldschool theme to go hand in hand with the senior citizen image at Gubbdata. Ended up on third place in the compo.

BABU – Compopicture by Vent which came in on third place in the gfx compo.

ARKIJUUSTO – Compotune by Vent that makes you wanna dance, reached 7:th place in the music compo.

SUBTLETY IS NOT MY BUSINESS – Asskicking compotune by Abaddon, grabbed the fift place in the music compo.

CHICAGO SONG – Samplebased covertune by King Fisher. Came in on 13:th place due to collective hearing-aid failure among the audience. Please note that the on-screen text should read “2013” and not “2012”. We got really confused there for a while… 😉

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