TRIAD at Gubbdata

King Fisher, iopop, TaperItch and Bepp from TRIAD showed up at the latest edition of Gubbdata, having a good time with the rest of the south-Swedish sceners. Other groups represented here were G*P, Onslaught, Wrath Designs, FairLight and HT.

We secured the first place in the demo compo with Chicanery, our latest one-filer demo put together by our northern section: Houbba, Ruk, Tao and Twoflower, teaming up with Itch, Dalezy and Ne7.

In the music compo, Ne7 came in on third place with Kickback and Dalezy close behind on fourth place with Super short shooter.

Correction: The tune in the end part of Chicanery turned out to be by EVS and not Mitch. Sorry for mixing that up!

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