TRIAD at Datastorm 2014

Little more than a week ago Datastorm 2014 was held in Gothenburg. This time, TRIAD was represented by iopopRukCa$hTaperbepp, Itch, Malmix and ne7.


Our demo CONTINUUM scored second place in the C64 demo competition, in fierce competition with some of the finest groups on the scene!

On the Datastorm spread disk you will find not only CONTINUUM but also the standalone 2×3 font Modicum by Twoflower and the Tentacule picture by Vent, both included in the demo as well. In addition, find the tune Truckstop Alaska by ne7 and the picture Spacefacelift by Malmix, who both competed in the compos.

Thanks to the organizers for throwing yet another successful party!

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