TRIAD 25 Years!

Dear friends, co-sceners and enemies!

Today, on the 28:th of July 2011, we are celebrating the 25:th birthday of TRIAD. It is with pride we conclude that we are the only C64 group that managed to put out releases on a regular basis for a quarter of a century. No year has passed by since our birth without TRIAD productions reaching the scene!

Ixion, one of the founders of TRIAD back in 1986, wrote us a letter on this special occasion.

To celebrate, we decided to do some releasing today aswell. This is what we give to you on this occasion:

Attitude #12

A smoking hot issue of our diskmag Attitude, published in cooperation with Oxyron! As usual filled with good articles, news, charts and tunes. This time we also offer you no less than six in-mag tunes! A special thanks to the Oxyron guys for struggling with us to get this issue finished in time for the celebration!

SOTA#3 – Sounds of The Amiga Volume 3

A new edition of our series of music-collections containing Amiga covers. 8 tunes covered in total, and with yet another amiga-intro remake upfront aswell. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the catchy tunes!

Bewitched Preview

A small firstreleased game-preview, as we couldn’t imagine to celebrate without putting out atleast something game-wize aswell. 🙂

New TRIAD Homepage

Today we also celebrate the birth of our new site, finally relegating the old site that has been lacking updates for many years. So head over to for a visit, check out the TRIAD history, past and present members, new and old releases and loads of information. It is an ongoing project to put the pieces together in the history puzzle, so if you have any kind of information about TRIAD that you want to share with us, please let us know! Our new site will be updated and enhanced in a regular fashion, so be sure to check in from time to time!

At last, we wish to extend a thanks to all TRIAD members, active as well as inactive, for all their hard work during the years. It’s because of you we’re still here! A special thought goes out to lost members, like Jerry and 801 DC. The memories of them will be with us always.

Also a big thanks to all our friends and supporters on the scene! Meet us at LCP 2011 in a few days, we’ll be there to have a good time!

See you in our next release, and remember to check in on Antidote [TRIAD+ONS]

Taper, on behalf of TRIAD – Dealer Quality Software

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