The Architect has left the ship

A two-year love affair has ended. TRIAD loves Ruk and Ruk loves TRIAD, but we can’t be together anymore.

Ruk joined the mummyship right after Datastorm 2012, doing his comeback to the scene. As the talented developer he is, it didn’t take long until Ruk was involved in more or less every new TRIAD production. He became The Architect of TRIAD. Directly responsible for our pinnacle demos Revolved and Continuum, in which he worked closely with Dane for the soundtrack. Their successful collaboration ultimately led to Ruk ending our love affair for the guys in Booze Design. “It was an offer I couldn’t refuse”.

Although we were dejected by the fact that he had to leave us, there were no hard feelings. Ruk has been a great inspiration to us and he is without a doubt one of the most important members in the TRIAD history. We wish him good luck on his Booze adventure!

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