St. Lars 2007


The TRIAD boys are back from St. Lars, and we brought back some goodies!

First we have “Too Little Too Late”, which scored second place in the demo competition! The origins of this demo go many years back, but it’s better to complete something late than never! Responsible for this demo is mainly our old Norweigian member Killsquad. With some help from iopop and JFK it finally made it out!

Then we give you “Memoires”, a smaller production with a lot of feeling. Idea, design and graphics by DCMP. Code, design and charset by Tao. Music by Ne7, text by Jerry and DCMP, aswell as some additional bits by iopop.

We wish to thank the organizers in Instinct for arranging this very cosy party, aswell as everyone who showed up! A special thanks to Mogwai who put down a lot of time repairing damaged machines and equipment for the party visitors!

Until we meet again…

/Taper, iopop, DCMP, Spot and JFK

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