REVOLVED reached the top at Datastorm!

TRIAD has now left Datastorm 2013 and Gothenburg behind after a successful weekend together with the prime of the scene!

Our demo REVOLVED won the democompetition in fierce competition
with among others FairLight+Offence+Prosonix, Booze Design, Fatzone,
Camelot and Censor Design. The interesting effects, fluid transitions and
polished design in REVOLVED obviously pleased the crowd to the extent that
the first spot was awarded to us.

The TRIAD members responsible for this success were Ruk, Icon, Houbba, Twoflower,
iopop, Tao and Abaddon. A massive thanks to Dane/Booze Design who hooked up
with the TRIAD boys in Ume and provided the awesome soundtrack in close
cooperation with us!

We also duplicated spread-disks and diskcovers during the weekend that were handed out to the crowd after the competition was over.

In addition, Twoflower secured the second place in the C64 graphics competition with his
picture St. Joaquin and Itch competed in the amiga bootblock cathegory. Ne7 was
represented in the C64 music competition with the metal-esque tune Manifold 28A.

All in all no less than twelve TRIAD members were present at Datastorm 2013;
Sailor, Cash, Ne7, Ruk, Icon, Houbba, Twoflower, iopop, Tao, bepp, Itch and Taper.
An addition will be made, but more on that a little later…

Presently missing download links and hopefully some pictures from the event
will surface here soon, so stay tuned!

Finally, a massive thanks for all the hard work to Genesis Project, Up Rough,
sceneSat and the other organizers! We know how much work it takes to organise
events like this and we really appreciate the dedication and time you’ve put
into Datastorm 2013!

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