Relocating Jerry’s collection

In April, Taper and Bepp rented a mini-van and headed from the south of Sweden towards Åkers Styckebruk and Jerry‘s house, the old TRIAD HQ. Reaching the destination, groupmates Sailor, CMP and Sgt. Pepper (Jerry’s son) met up. The mission was to relocate the TRIAD collection to Taper’s place. It was an emotional task ofcourse, but it was Jerry’s will to hand over the legacy. We also visited Jerry’s last resting place to say goodbye.

After several hours of packing the van with disks and hardware and with a coffeebreak at CMP’s house inbetween, the van headed for sailor’s old domains where the present TRIAD members had a little meeting in the basement. After the meeting, CMP realized he missed the action and decided to return to active duty for TRIAD again!

The next day it was time for Taper and Bepp to head back to the south of Sweden, and start unloading all the stuff at Taper’s place. So, the TRIAD HQ is now officially present at Taper’s place, in Bjuv.

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