The Wild Bunch


TYPE:  Demo
RELEASED:  October 15, 2006 by TRIAD
ACHIEVEMENT:  #1 in C64 Demo Competition
CSDB ID:  41462


CODE:  Pernod, JackAsser
GRAPHICS:  Twoflower, Sander, Mirage
LOADER:  Krill
MUSIC:  Linus


wow this is great idea!!! thanx a lot for sharing! (sorry for commenting here)I thought some people might be interested in the 'workstages' of some parts.
For quite a few years i simply do a 'Flash' version of a part. (not sync in the browser..)

From a designers' point of view especially, this saves a lot of trouble and misunderstandings.

ps. and to avoid any misunderstandings, the 'loader/razor-part' from the intro was done by JackAsser, the colours were only suggestions.Regarding the interlacing in the intro...

I considered many ways how to implement this intro and the easiest was using stretched multicolor chars for the background and 7 sprites per line for the overlays.

Since I can only have 7 sprites per line many of them needs to be x-expanded to cover the areas. But expanded single color sprites sucked imo so I added interlacing to yeild higher resolution. I know this looks rather crappy in EMU but on the real this it's actually totally ok. Keep in mind that many of the overlays have white filling etc. making it even trickier to implement.

There are probably ways to code this in pure hires but I found none given the time I had to code the intro. It's all about quality vs. implementation time unfortunatly. Ofcourse pure hires would have been better...

About the somewhat unfinished outro. True, more work could have been done to fade in the mountains and the car. Yet again, out of time error. Also, plan was to slowly fade out the scene aswell until only the lamps where visible.Jackasser made a very ambitious editor for translating Sander's design intro bits and bytes.

Originally, Iopop and Jackasser made a horizontal twister in just one evening. When I got to see it, I hi-jacked it and began re-writing and optimising. As you can see, it ended up in the sideborder. That work didn't take just one night though! ;-P

All other code was made by Jackasser.