TYPE:  Demo
RELEASED:  August 3, 2013 by Triad
ACHIEVEMENT:  #4 in C64 Demo Competition at BFP 2013
CSDB ID:  120911


CODE:  Tao, Icon
DESIGN:  Twoflower
GRAPHICS:  Twoflower
LOADER:  Krill
MUSIC:  ne7


This demo is a mish-mash of several graphical leftovers i've collected over the years - of which the oldest was made way back in the late nineties (Inarda, the hires girl with the flower).

More or less half of the graphical design elements - save for the font (<release id=120903>) - in this demo have been directly inspired by other people's works. "Inarda" is based off a cuban propaganda poster by René Mederos Pazos ("Yo voy a estudiar para maestro"), <release id=100008> based on a still from the movie with the same name and was featured as my entry in <event id=1789>. The three graphical INTEC effects are based on three record-sleeves designed by Samuel Muir. Finally, "The Swan" have been inspired by the painting "Svanen No. 17" by the early 20:th century paintress Hilma af Klint.

Solaris evolved and found its own expression as a kind of free collage of these elements, completed by my own works in the same style and tied together by ne7's very nice soundtrack and my colorset. A rather pleasant process working with some very old material.