SCT2D V2.0


TYPE:  Tool
RELEASED:  April 6, 2016 by Triad
CSDB ID:  147196


CODE:  Wacek, Enthusi, Sailor
TEST:  xiny


Release v2.0. Written from scratch by SAILOR/TRIAD

Headalign v1.1 by ENTHUSI/ONSLAUGHT

* Fast I/O routines for 1541, 1581 and DolphinDos2.
* Safe(slow) saveroutine using CHROUT to support mass storage devices.
* JiffyDos is now supported.
* Built in HeadAlign v1.1 by Enthusi.
* Press RESTORE during transfer to restart and/or enter HeadAlign.Press RESTORE to exit HeadAlign.
* Auto transfer halts temporarily on an error or if the disk gets full.
* Blocks Free check might fail on some non-CBM hardware. Therefor an option to disable it.
* Max filesize: 238 blocks.
* Savespeed comparsion of a 180 blocks file (mm:ss):
IDE64 00:08
DolphinDos 00:13
SD2IEC+JiffyDos 00:18
1581 fast I/O 00:19
1541 fast I/O 00:27
SD2IEC 00:54
1581 slow 01:03
1541 slow 02:11