TYPE:  Graphics
RELEASED:  August 3, 2013 by Triad
ACHIEVEMENT:  #2 in C64 Graphics Competition at Font Creation Competition 2013
CSDB ID:  120903


CHARSET:  Twoflower
CODE:  Tao
GRAPHICS:  Twoflower
MUSIC:  ne7


This font, Sardonic, is created with a somewhat different approach. While most fonts are made with char-restrictions (eg. 1x1, 2x2, etc.) in mind - this font is a tad different.

The font is 18X18 pixels big and will fit into the 256 char-limit as a 4X4 font. This 4X4 font is then plotted onto a 2X3 font grid, creating overlapping bonds (a kind of kerning, if you wish) between the letters.

The font in itself is an original creation, slightly inspired by dutch art deco book-lettering of the early 1900's. The name - Sardonic - refers to the expression of derision, cynicism or skeptical humor variously expressed through comment, gesture or writing.

Examples of the font adapted to chars (and completed with suitable pangrams to show it in action) will be provided in a few days time.