TYPE:  Demo
RELEASED:  August 6, 2006 by TRIAD
ACHIEVEMENT:  #2 in C64 Demo Competition at Primary Star 2006
CSDB ID:  37417


CODE:  Tao
GRAPHICS:  Decompracid, Tao, Hollowman, Dane, Twoflower
LOADER:  King Fisher, Fungus, Tao
MUSIC:  dalezy, Metal, ne7, Zardax, 6R6, Dane, Twoflower
TEXT:  Tao


I began working on this demo in 1994 or so, at the same time I joined Triad. The first part I started working on was the Sierpinski, the last part was the first loader part (I had to scrap the original idea I had for that part because of memory limitations).

I have a lot of paper notes lying around here and there with various ideas for the different parts. Most of them were never used. I would've finished this demo a long time ago, if it wasn't for two things; the lack of graphics for the intro, and problems getting the loader to work properly.