TYPE:  Demo
RELEASED:  April 1998 by TRIAD
CSDB ID:  11595


CODE:  King Fisher
CONCEPT:  King Fisher
GRAPHICS:  Scope, Dane
MUSIC:  King Fisher, TDM


This demo took a pretty while to get finished, as I recall it. I remember snatching the promo-flyer for it at TCC-93 (now scanned and uploaded!), I further recall Dane working on the graphics in the late autumn/winter. After Dane moved to Umeå, I remember King Fisher showing us the technoparts at a local meeting sometime during the winter. I just wish it could have been released then, back in spring 1994, instead of beeing held back by a non-working loader for ages. But to be honest - problems with the loader and linking was just two in a long row of backfires which amongst other things included Scope and Alfatech leaving Triad.