Fly Bird Fly


TYPE:  One-File Demo
RELEASED:  February 6, 2011 by TRIAD
ACHIEVEMENT:  #7 in C64 Demo Competition at DATASTORM 2011
CSDB ID:  97766


CODE:  iopop
GRAPHICS:  Twoflower
MUSIC:  ne7


The three flying birds (Heron, Kestrel and Puffin) are inspired by three different graphic designs on paper:

* Network Osaka - Autobahn (Poster for exhibition at the Altamira Industrial Complex) (2008)
* Gérard Miedinger - Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich - Grafik (Cover from exhibition catalogue) (1943)
* Oliver Bevan - Wittgenstein (bookcover from the 'Fontana Modern Masters' series) (1970/1971)

These were changed and brought into a new context in order to reflect our intentions.

* Centoventi is an original 2X2 font inspired by several clear, italian sanserif displayfonts of the sixties. Feel free to include it in your own productions.