CheeseCutter 2.8.0


TYPE:  Other Platform Tool
RELEASED:  November 28, 2015 by Triad
CSDB ID:  148677


CODE:  Abaddon
HELP:  Ruk


- Can insert & delete rows in filter and pulse tables (Shift-Insert & Shift-Delete)
- Filter and pulse programs used by current instrument are highlighted.
- Window is resizable in YUV mode (no aspect ratio preserved).
- In the sequencer, Keypad 0 plays the current row (all voices) and advances cursor a step down.
- Simple oscilloscope view via Ctrl-F9 (works only in standard graphics mode).
- Simple instrument saver: Can now save, load and delete instruments with Ctrl-L, Ctrl-S, Ctrl-D when in instrument table. Instruments are saved to disk in a CSV-like format.
- Various confirmation dialogs added, e.g. when trying to overwrite an already existing file.
- Minor fix in 6502 emulation.
- Some checks for illegal values in the worktune during packing.
- Various stability fixes.
- Player changes:
- Improved preview note playback - used to randomly fail on notes with maximum sustain or long attack.
- Direct pulse width values via instrument byte 5:
- Values $00-$3F launch pulse program (as previously)..
- Values $80-$8F will just set the pulse high byte, no pulse program is launched.
- StereoSID version's '-mono' commandline flag disables stereo output.