TYPE:  Graphics
RELEASED:  May 7, 2011 by TRIAD
ACHIEVEMENT:  #2 in C64 Graphics Competition at Double Screen Compo
CSDB ID:  100008


CODE:  Cruzer
GRAPHICS:  Twoflower
MUSIC:  ne7


Cargo was made from a screenshot I chose and grabbed out of the Swiss sci-fi movie with the same name; this not any kind of promotional image found in a magazine our an image found on the net. That very screenshot was cropped down, altered to fit the new composition and was converted to double-pixels in Timanthes. To make it somewhat more of a challenge, I set the color-restrictions to chars / 4-color mode and picked a quite strange, compressed palette (D.Grey / Orange / Cyan / Black) to work with. The original image (original.png) was provided to along with the entry. Why they have chosen to share it with the pixel-purists and not upload it here along with the release is beyond me.

This might not be a brilliant image - but the snapshot was carefully chosen and taken out of its subject and made into a new picture with a new context. This pixeled image is mine, using an altered version of the cinematographer Ralph Baetchmanns composition and form. Furthermore - the entire image have been repixeled. The shape of a couple of the tubes on the helmet is all that remains out of the conversion.

With that said, the the guy who gracefully and anonymously have been giving this a vote of 1 can go fuck himself.
Furthermore, I think the anonymous voting on CSDb must be destroyed.