Release update!

We’ve been a bit busy the last couple of weeks, so updates on here have been suffering a bit. So, time to recap!

gravitrixTwo weeks back (yes, time does fly…) we released both a onefiled version of Donkey Kong JR, as well as the preview of Gravitrix, an extremely entertaining puzzler from Robot Riot (with good looks and audio as well). Supplied by our new member Nith, while trainer and IFFL was installed by Sailor!

This is a game well worth playing, so be sure to download and give it a try if you haven’t already.

Then a few gameplayers commented that they did not like the side-effect of the invicibility trainer in our first version of Donkey Kong JR. We listened – and decided to go all in, after all the game is a smashing conversion.


So, a week later, we brought out an even better mailversion of Donkey Kong JR! This time with no less than six trainers available, and high-score saver installed! Sailor again did all the hard work, while Taper provided extended documentation.


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