Post ZOO 2013 update!

ZOO 2013 turned into a great party and TRIAD was represented by Vent (also one of the organizers of the event), Tao and Abaddon! The partyplace was equipped with both a bar and a sauna (of course – we’re talking Finland here!), soda was free and breakfast and dinner on saturday very appreciated.

Competitons were held (check csdb ZOO page for complete info), and the awesome diskcover compo must be mentioned!

TRIAD contributed with tunes from Abaddon (Zootoyoo) and Ne7 (45Theorum), as well as a coop-picture from Vent and Tempest/FairLight (Just now I feel fairly light-headed).

triad_at_zooTao, Vent and Abaddon posing behind the banner!

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