Poisonous Injection


A week back TRIAD won the democompetition at GREP2008Green with “Poisonous Injection”, in fierce battle with four amiga demos and two PC demos.

We decided to release the demo on the boards first, and slowly let it leak to the net by it’s own force. Since that’s been done by now, its about time we sent it out on the spreadlist aswell, for those of you who missed it until now.

So, here it is, “TRIAD/POISONOUS INJECTION”, courtsey of CMP and company. Also included on the disk, a small game entitled “Space Chase”, slammed with a brand new crackintro from our retired member Sailor, who made a brief re-visit to the mommyship!

Until next time… And always remember, get the latest from Antidote [TRIAD+Onslaught] antidote.hopto.org


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