Pass your driving test

Greetings, fellow traveller on route 66!

Now, this is a bit of an oddball, but we just couldn’t avoid putting this out when Sailor managed to dig it up. So, today we give you “Pass your driving test”, (C) 1987 Supersoft, and clearly made for the UK market. This one seem quite rare, so we’re gonna send it off to the Gamebase dudes aswell, as they lack this in their collection.

For those of you using this game to practise for their roadtrip to Big Floppy People the 27:th – 29:th of July in Sweden (, we wish to inform you that in Sweden we drive on the right side of the road… We wouldn’t want any accidents on our hands…

You can either practise different cathegories, or take a full test (by pressing F1 in the mainmenu). As we all know, there is no better way to learn how to operate a motor- vehicle than playing an educational game on the breadbox!

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(Tutorial available on under BBS)


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