The seniors in TRIAD at Gubbdata 2015


Hedning of Genesis Project flanked by Icon and iopop from TRIAD.

This weekend TRIAD visited Gubbdata with a delegation of elders consisting of Bepp, Icon, Ca$h, Taper, Itch and iopop (who celebrated his 38:th birthday at the party). As usual it was nice meeting up with the prime of the scene, lots of familiar faces were present but also some new blood lurked around.

The party venue was in the same location as previous years, but in a new part of the building, probably to avoid staircases for those utilizing walkers for their mobility. How thoughtful of the organizers!

Sounds of the 80's

Sounds of the 80′s



We released our latest music collection entitled Sounds of the 80′s, which ended up on fourth place in the demo competition! Be sure to download and check it out – Icon, Ilesj and Ne7 have been working hard to give you a great flashback into the past.



Bruce Lee II, IFFL-loader installed and trained in a joint operation by TRIAD and Genesis Project.

Bruce Lee II, IFFL-loader installed and trained in a joint operation by TRIAD and Genesis Project.



We also teamed up with Genesis Project and released a crack of Bruce Lee II, complete with IFFL-loader and trainer installed, also boasting REU compability for those with extra RAM in their setup. This is one of the best games developed lately and surely worth spending a lot of time playing.




Ca$h/TRIAD scanning heaps of old diskcovers live at the party!

Ca$h/TRIAD scanning heaps of old diskcovers live at the party!

Bepp/TRIAD sporting an unknown hand on his shoulder. If you want to claim the hand, we will hand (hehe) it over if you can describe it properly.

Bepp/TRIAD sporting an unknown hand on his shoulder. If you want to claim the hand, we will hand (hehe) it over if you can describe it properly.







Upshift! released at BCC#9!

upshift-csdb-previewDJ.Gruby attended the BCC#9 party in Berlin this weekend, and brought with him a contribution from TRIAD entitled Upshift! (aka. Out Run Memories Upshift!).

It ended up on third place in the demo competition and contains an updated version of Ilesj‘s compopicture from X’2014, now perfected even more and with added animation!

Coupled with code by DJ.Gruby, new Out Run music remix by Ne7, font by Tao, some additionals by Icon and text by Taper this is a sure treat to both eyes and ears! This is our way to pay tribute to one of the most iconic games ever published, and one that still very much holds up today in terms of playability!

Third place in intro compo

Happy new year! With the massive amount of entries in the intro compo at csdb (51 in total!), we’re really proud to place #3 with Inside the Cube. Props to the guys behind this: Nith (idea/code/gfx), ne7 (sound) and Twoflower (charset). Enjoy this capture from real hw by Lemming.

Christmas Report

2Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, we delivered two presents for all of you who love our favourite 8-bit machine!

First up was TRIAD/LOST&FOUND – featuring two long lost pictures and a new scroller written by by The Sarge! The pictures were located and properly framed by Sailor, with some intro scrolltext by Taper. Feels really great to be able to release such an important historical piece with art most thought was gone forever!

1Second present is a proper version of Confused? from Compulogical S.A. While Newlook cracked this one already back in the 80′s, they accidently left out half the game! Electronic Arts then published a different version named Kinetic Connection which was cracked, but the differences between the two versions left us no peace of mind – so we decided to give you a fully working version of Confused? after all these years! All background info on this game available in the scroller.

Supplied by Romppainen and Lynx (the first original tape we obtained got lost in snail-mail, so we had to obtain a second one), cracked by Lynx and Sailor. Bepp did some qualified testing on this game and is now officially the master of Confused? puzzles, while Taper took the digital reindeer and sleigh to drop it of at every major 8-bit household we could find.

With those presents delivered yesterday, we will use Christmas Day for a bit of well-deserved rest! Merry Christmas everyone!

Inside The Cube


We just released Inside The Cube, our contribution for the Intro Creation Competition 2o14! Design, code and graphics by Nith, excellent memory efficient tune by Ne7, stylish font by Twoflower and some wise words by Taper to go along with the package. If you like it as much as we do, go and cast your vote to influcence the outcome of the competition! May the best borg win!

December is a busy month, so in case this turns out to be the last release from us during 2014 we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Moloch is now a knight of the triangular table

On the 22:nd of November, well-known scener Moloch decided to drop his previous groups and join up with TRIAD! A man of many talents, he will contribute to various projects for the group.

It feels great to have Moloch in our ranks, so welcome aboard!

Release update!

We’ve been a bit busy the last couple of weeks, so updates on here have been suffering a bit. So, time to recap!

gravitrixTwo weeks back (yes, time does fly…) we released both a onefiled version of Donkey Kong JR, as well as the preview of Gravitrix, an extremely entertaining puzzler from Robot Riot (with good looks and audio as well). Supplied by our new member Nith, while trainer and IFFL was installed by Sailor!

This is a game well worth playing, so be sure to download and give it a try if you haven’t already.

Then a few gameplayers commented that they did not like the side-effect of the invicibility trainer in our first version of Donkey Kong JR. We listened – and decided to go all in, after all the game is a smashing conversion.


So, a week later, we brought out an even better mailversion of Donkey Kong JR! This time with no less than six trainers available, and high-score saver installed! Sailor again did all the hard work, while Taper provided extended documentation.


Second place in sci fi compo

Our very talented graphician Ilesj came #2 (out of 31) in the Science Fiction Graphics with his Engage charmode, begin pursuit. It’s an innovative mix between charmode and multicolor, with assisting code by Icon.

New coder Nith

We’re very pleased to welcome talented game developer Nith to the mummyship, reinforcing the German section of TRIAD. We are now 20 members, most of which are active in one way or another. Catch us at the next big party in 2015!

Back from X2014

And what a party it was! Best X to date. Flawless arrangement and some great compos! This year TRIAD was represented by ilesj (Finland) and bepp (Sweden). Old-time member dcmp was also present at the party.

Outrun memoriesBesides from knocking everyone’s socks in the IK+ compo, ilesj placed 4th in the Graphics compo with his awesome Out Run memories! Congrats! bepp celebrated his 40th birthday at the party and was greeted in the great Offence/Fairlight/Prosonix demo ‘RGB’. Already looking forward to X2016!