New releases and member-update!

orbitalThe finnish TRIAD members were flipping floppies at the Zoo 2015 party in the end of October. ilesj ended up winning the graphics competition with his beautiful contribution named Orbital Impaler, made for old PAL VIC-II chip (6569 R1), making clever use of PAL color blending!

Also at the Zoo party, Abaddon released an awesome tune - Join the Cosmic Caravan, which came in on fourth place in the music compo.

scorchedLast weekend, we released the preview Scorched Earth. A very promising remake of the original which was a big hit for PC/DOS back in the early 90′s. This one looks like it could become an equal hit among us Commodore 64 fans. It seems to be in near finished state and provides excellent playability, so be sure to give it a go!

On the downside, on 151109 we lost Itch from our ranks, as he decided to join up with Software of Sweden instead. We wish him much luck in his new group!

More releases for the masses


About time we did another update on here!

In late August we released another title together with our friends in G*P, this time both the english and the german version of Heroes & Cowards: The Pentagram of Power (Das Pentagramm der Macht) from Protovision. Get it from your local dealer quality software dealer! This release also sports a new coop-intro made by Sailor!

As summer turned into September we released a trained version of the GTW entitled Nuclear Nick Preview, again worked on by Sailor. Big thanks to SLC and Peepo for the supply of this one! Quite a cool and challanging platform game, finally out in the wild for you to enjoy. Be sure to read more about it on the GTW site.

Then October began with a version of Sprint from Norbert Kehrer (actually it’s an emulator running the original rom, very cleverly implemented by Norbert!) which was trained and put out by Lynx and Taper.

Sprint is one of those really classic games and a living proof that simpler games can be extremely addictive. Playing the arcade original on our c64′s is way cool!

We’ve been keeping busy…

Again, we’ve been keeping real busy and released four full games during June! Considering how shitty the weather has been at least in Sweden, it’s no wonder we choose to get our sunburns in front the blue screen instead. And frankly, we wouldn’t want it any other way… ;)

4First up during June was what might very well turn out to be the top commercial game release during 2015 – Gravitrix, (c) Psytronik/RGCD. Supplied by Nith and cracked+trained+6R6′s awesome IFFL-loader installed by Sailor! If you have a local TRIAD dealer nearby or if you’re admitted to the top boards you know where to get this one. If not – buy the original (which you should anyway, because it’s such a kick-ass game!).


Next in line was Hangman’s Hazard, an extremely rare american game only sold via mail-hang5order. The game was hunted down and obtained by our man across the pond, Moloch! Sailor installed the IFFL and did the PAL-fix while Lynx handled the trainer. Documentation packaged by Taper and Bepp.

This is quite a good game well worth to play, and a GTW solved in the process. Read the docs for info on how to add a CPU player to the action!


sank4Then another very rare gem was handled, this time an adventure called Sankara Stone from the swedish firm Compro. Supplied by Yodelking/Defiers who found the original copy in his brother Conan/Defiers diskbox (he sadly passed away three years ago). A big thanks to Yodelking who contacted us and asked us to take care of this game, in honor of Conan!

Sailor worked wonders on this game. The original had an illegal track to prevent copyingsank5 and a signature (“F.O”) on the disk that the protection looked for. The bootfile(s) also set several memorypositions to specific values which were verified within the the game later on. The values were checked several times and were crossreferenced with eachother. The original game occupied a full diskside(590 blocks). Pictures were cleaned up and compressed to the memory. Now they load from the memory instead from disk. Yodelking also helped testing, while Bepp offered some additional services. More info in the scroller!


139345Last but not least, we teamed up with our pirate friends in Genesis*Project to give you Labyrinth of Crete (101% &DS &Map as well as onesided, to be exact). Again a whole bunch of members from the two crews worked together, most notably Sailor, Zyron and hedning. GRG’s IFFL loader was installed, an image broken in the original ported from the Atari version, 20 other pictures bugfixed, bug when loading pictures fixed, bug in the interpreter fixed, various small bugs fixed, 3 maps on disk pixelled by Mermaid, full documentation included as well as complete walkthrough provided. No secret that our version is vastly superior to the bug-ridden original!

Time for an update…

We’ve been a bit lazy updating the news here the last couple of weeks, so it’s about time we provide an update with the latest happenings.

Again together with Genesis*Project we released the second version of Bruce Lee II. The developer made some updates and thus we had to get to work again. Considering what a great title this game is we didn’t mind that much.

moon_0-animThen in late May we released two previously unknown game previews, both made by the Finnish developer Jukka Tapanimaki (who is sadly no longer with us). First out was M45 preview, a GTW which takes you on an UFO hunt. Next up Moonfall [early] preview, which is quite different from the preview released by Dominators back in 1991 and from the finished game released by numerous groups back then.

Sabrina Salerno enjoys SID-cover of Boys!

Sceners are not the only ones appreciating the TRIAD music-collection Sounds of the 80′s, also Sabrina Salerno faves Ne7‘s SID-cover of her mega hit Boys (Summertime love)! We feel honored that one of our teenage heroines took notice of our tribute.


Soon approaching 1000 downloads over at CSDB, as well as mailed to a few hundred contacts via the TRIAD spreadlist and some additional downloads from the boards, the popularity of this music collection never seem to end!

TRIAD set Return of Heracles free!

roh-animToday we released our contribution for the 2015 cracking competition, Return of Heracles++MD+map. Mega trained with docs, walkthrough and map included.

Two versions are found in the archive, one IFFL version (savegame slots included in the IFFL) with optional REU support for all normal drives (1541/1571/1581/FD* and clones), and one kernal version for those of you running IDE64, SD2IEC and similar special drives.

All the major work was done by Sailor, with a little assistance from Taper and Twoflower. This is a really good game if you invest time into learning the game mechanics. Special thanks to GRG for the loader and to Burglar for hosting the competition!

The seniors in TRIAD at Gubbdata 2015


Hedning of Genesis Project flanked by Icon and iopop from TRIAD.

This weekend TRIAD visited Gubbdata with a delegation of elders consisting of Bepp, Icon, Ca$h, Taper, Itch and iopop (who celebrated his 38:th birthday at the party). As usual it was nice meeting up with the prime of the scene, lots of familiar faces were present but also some new blood lurked around.

The party venue was in the same location as previous years, but in a new part of the building, probably to avoid staircases for those utilizing walkers for their mobility. How thoughtful of the organizers!

Sounds of the 80's

Sounds of the 80′s



We released our latest music collection entitled Sounds of the 80′s, which ended up on fourth place in the demo competition! Be sure to download and check it out – Icon, Ilesj and Ne7 have been working hard to give you a great flashback into the past.



Bruce Lee II, IFFL-loader installed and trained in a joint operation by TRIAD and Genesis Project.

Bruce Lee II, IFFL-loader installed and trained in a joint operation by TRIAD and Genesis Project.



We also teamed up with Genesis Project and released a crack of Bruce Lee II, complete with IFFL-loader and trainer installed, also boasting REU compability for those with extra RAM in their setup. This is one of the best games developed lately and surely worth spending a lot of time playing.




Ca$h/TRIAD scanning heaps of old diskcovers live at the party!

Ca$h/TRIAD scanning heaps of old diskcovers live at the party!

Bepp/TRIAD sporting an unknown hand on his shoulder. If you want to claim the hand, we will hand (hehe) it over if you can describe it properly.

Bepp/TRIAD sporting an unknown hand on his shoulder. If you want to claim the hand, we will hand (hehe) it over if you can describe it properly.







Upshift! released at BCC#9!

upshift-csdb-previewDJ.Gruby attended the BCC#9 party in Berlin this weekend, and brought with him a contribution from TRIAD entitled Upshift! (aka. Out Run Memories Upshift!).

It ended up on third place in the demo competition and contains an updated version of Ilesj‘s compopicture from X’2014, now perfected even more and with added animation!

Coupled with code by DJ.Gruby, new Out Run music remix by Ne7, font by Tao, some additionals by Icon and text by Taper this is a sure treat to both eyes and ears! This is our way to pay tribute to one of the most iconic games ever published, and one that still very much holds up today in terms of playability!

Third place in intro compo

Happy new year! With the massive amount of entries in the intro compo at csdb (51 in total!), we’re really proud to place #3 with Inside the Cube. Props to the guys behind this: Nith (idea/code/gfx), ne7 (sound) and Twoflower (charset). Enjoy this capture from real hw by Lemming.

Christmas Report

2Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, we delivered two presents for all of you who love our favourite 8-bit machine!

First up was TRIAD/LOST&FOUND – featuring two long lost pictures and a new scroller written by by The Sarge! The pictures were located and properly framed by Sailor, with some intro scrolltext by Taper. Feels really great to be able to release such an important historical piece with art most thought was gone forever!

1Second present is a proper version of Confused? from Compulogical S.A. While Newlook cracked this one already back in the 80′s, they accidently left out half the game! Electronic Arts then published a different version named Kinetic Connection which was cracked, but the differences between the two versions left us no peace of mind – so we decided to give you a fully working version of Confused? after all these years! All background info on this game available in the scroller.

Supplied by Romppainen and Lynx (the first original tape we obtained got lost in snail-mail, so we had to obtain a second one), cracked by Lynx and Sailor. Bepp did some qualified testing on this game and is now officially the master of Confused? puzzles, while Taper took the digital reindeer and sleigh to drop it of at every major 8-bit household we could find.

With those presents delivered yesterday, we will use Christmas Day for a bit of well-deserved rest! Merry Christmas everyone!