A night at the arcades

Many of us dream of one day being able to have a data dungeon – a retro resort – where bits are few, beer flows and all base are belong to us. Oxidy is one guy who is living his dream. In a secret hideout he has grown and perfected his collection over many years,now holding a mad number of arcade cabs, video games of all kinds and platforms, C64 *.*, boxed hardware- and software, retro artefacts etc. etc. etc. And of course a fridge full of beer. For those with literary interest, there is also piles of books and magazines of all sorts. Last night we had an eagerly awaited get-together with Oxidy in his dungeon…

The event saw a pretty good representation of south-Swedish sceners – including TRIAD members King Fisher, iopop and bepp. Fairlighters Oxidy, Puterman, Ugha and Avalon were of course there. So was the local G*P-gubbs Hedning and X-Jammer. And our own storebror; rim-meister Mahoney didn’t want to miss this event too =)

The evening progressed retroingly; browsing through Oxidy’s impressive game collection, playing on some of the many arcade cabs and consoles, eating pizza and reminiscing past parties. Avalon dug out an old dusty disk box from which we picked random C64 demos. It was actually a nice feeling not to have a 1541U around, but rather enjoy whatever findings we made. In that same box we also found a 15-year old homebrewed game which *might* surface on CSDB one day 😉

Most of the time however was spent on the arcades. Undisputedly the most popular game was Atari’s Asteroids from 1979 – with vector-based display, high retro factor and great game play. Mahoney aka “Pexteroids” made an impressive round which yielded 28630 points and a first place.

All in all we had a really great get-together. Big thanks to Oxidy for hosting this event! Next time we’ll bring some more mysbelysning =)


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