New releases and member-update!

orbitalThe finnish TRIAD members were flipping floppies at the Zoo 2015 party in the end of October. ilesj ended up winning the graphics competition with his beautiful contribution named Orbital Impaler, made for old PAL VIC-II chip (6569 R1), making clever use of PAL color blending!

Also at the Zoo party, Abaddon released an awesome tune – Join the Cosmic Caravan, which came in on fourth place in the music compo.

scorchedLast weekend, we released the preview Scorched Earth. A very promising remake of the original which was a big hit for PC/DOS back in the early 90’s. This one looks like it could become an equal hit among us Commodore 64 fans. It seems to be in near finished state and provides excellent playability, so be sure to give it a go!

On the downside, on 151109 we lost Itch from our ranks, as he decided to join up with Software of Sweden instead. We wish him much luck in his new group!

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