More releases for the masses


About time we did another update on here!

In late August we released another title together with our friends in G*P, this time both the english and the german version of Heroes & Cowards: The Pentagram of Power (Das Pentagramm der Macht) from Protovision. Get it from your local dealer quality software dealer! This release also sports a new coop-intro made by Sailor!

As summer turned into September we released a trained version of the GTW entitled Nuclear Nick Preview, again worked on by Sailor. Big thanks to SLC and Peepo for the supply of this one! Quite a cool and challanging platform game, finally out in the wild for you to enjoy. Be sure to read more about it on the GTW site.

Then October began with a version of Sprint from Norbert Kehrer (actually it’s an emulator running the original rom, very cleverly implemented by Norbert!) which was trained and put out by Lynx and Taper.

Sprint is one of those really classic games and a living proof that simpler games can be extremely addictive. Playing the arcade original on our c64’s is way cool!

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