Wilson used to be a member or Level 11, but joined TRIAD instead around 1990. As a graphician, he contributed with art and charsets for a bunch of demos and some issues of Gamers Guide.Some time after 1991 he stopped being active on the C64, but he has showed up on a few parties after that, like LCP 1998 and also later LCP parties, to hang around with the present TRIAD crew.

FUNCTION:  Graphician
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1990
CSDB ID:  1105


Last Hojt1991Misc.Text, Graphics
Time Out1991DemoCharset, Graphics
Utopia1991DemoGraphics, Charset, Text
Gamers Guide #81991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #71991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #6 [pal/ntsc]1991DiskmagGraphics
Triad 4 years1990DemoGraphics, Charset

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