wbochar started his career in Commodore-land back in the 80’s, running several boards, doing petscii art and writing BBS doors. In more recent times, he created a very nice Commodore 64 game (Trogue64) , for which TDM did the music and thus secured the game as a first-release for us.

Seeing wbochar’s drive and skills, we recruited him aboard the mummyship shortly thereafter.

FUNCTION:  Coder, BBS graphician
COUNTRY:  Canada
JOINED:  2019
CSDB ID:  33272


A Petite 4 Calamari2020GraphicsGraphics
Micro Skull X Bones 2x22020GraphicsGraphics
RU Sara?2020GraphicsGraphics
C-BEE-M 8032 8x82020GraphicsGraphics
Micro Basic 8x82020GraphicsGraphics

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