Vent was originally a member in the finnish multi-platform group Damage where he made graphics and music for C64 and PC. He was also involved in arranging the important Zoo parties in the end of the 90s.

After a 10-year long break, he found his way back and came #1 in the gfx compo at The Finnish Amiga Party 2012. Thanks to his former team mate Abaddon he eventually ended up in TRIAD.

Fun fact is that Vent made one of the the original tunes which was covered by Abaddon for Manhood 2 in 2001.

After five years with numerous contributions to TRIAD releases and having arranged the two Zoo parties in Finland, Vent decided to leave in January 2018 to team up with his fellow mates in Extend.

FUNCTION:  Graphician, Musician
COUNTRY:  Finland
JOINED:  2013
CSDB ID:  1073


..then I had a Boss2017GraphicsGraphics
Once I Had a Friend2017GraphicsGraphics
Grafx2-c64tools2017Other Platform ToolIdea, Code
Aqualung, My Friend2017GraphicsGraphics
Zoo 2017 Invitation2017InvitationGraphics, Design
Teleport to Tuhero2017GraphicsGraphics
Zoo 2017 Invitation2016InvitationText, Code, Charset
Cactus Joe2016GraphicsGraphics
Pandora's Slate2016GraphicsGraphics
Sami Hedberg -darra2016GraphicsGraphics
Hex Charset2016GraphicsCharset
Sounds of the Amiga #42016Music CollectionGraphics
Unit-A intro screen for SOTA#42016GraphicsGraphics
Attitude #172016DiskmagGraphics, Music
Introtune for Itch2016MusicMusic
Attitude #162015DiskmagGraphics, Text
My Sleazy Valentine2015GraphicsGraphics
Attitude #152014DiskmagGraphics
Aïe! Mon tentacule!2014GraphicsGraphics
Just Now I Feel Fairly Light-headed2013GraphicsGraphics
Attitude #142013DiskmagText
Release the Cheese Music Disk2013Music CollectionText
CheeseCutter 2.5.02013Other Platform ToolHelp
Arkijuusto (toinen siivu)2013MusicMusic
Circadin2013One-File DemoGraphics, Music
TRI/\D - Suddenly I felt the heat under my cloak2013GraphicsGraphics
Manhood 22001DemoMusic

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