Twoflower worked as a graphician and musician in groups such as Gothic Design and Twilight. When most members of Twilight joined TRIAD in August 1993, Twoflower was one of those who came aboard. Since then he has been a crucial member in his role as digital art director and artist, developing visual concepts as well as content.

Although Twoflower has an impressive knowledge of Swedish scene history (details!), he truly excels when it comes to the TRIAD history. Make no mistake, he IS the living TRIAD encyclopedia =)

FUNCTION:  Graphician, Musician
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1993
CSDB ID:  8074


Attitude #192019DiskmagGraphics
Raster Compleeto2018IntroDesign, Charset
Rasterblues2018IntroDesign, Charset
Aviator Arcade II +7D2018CrackTest
Space Moguls +2D2018CrackTest
Goodlife2018Misc.Graphics, Charset
Technolo-G2018MusicCharset, Graphics
Soft Machine2018DemoGraphics, Text
Ohnesorg2017One-File DemoGraphics
Suburbia Sprawling2017GraphicsGraphics, Charset
Munchkin 64 Preview2017CrackOriginal Supply
Monochrome2016DemoCharset, Graphics, Sampling
Return of Heracles ++MD+Map2015CrackHelp
Inside the Cube2014Crack introCharset
Darkipede +H2014CrackOriginal Supply
Darkness +6DS2014CrackOriginal Supply
Continuum2014DemoCharset, Graphics
Rolloverture +3D2013CrackGraphics
Sardonic2013GraphicsGraphics, Charset
Solaris2013DemoGraphics, Design
Revolved2013DemoConcept, Graphics, Charset
St. Joaquin2013GraphicsGraphics
Fuzzball Preview V2 +2012CrackTrainer, Crack, Original Supply
Attitude #132012DiskmagText
Liberation2012Graphics CollectionIdea
Burden of Grudge2012One-File DemoCharset
Chicanery2012One-File DemoCharset, Text, Graphics
High Stakes2011One-File DemoGraphics
Attitude #122011DiskmagText
Fly Bird Fly2011One-File DemoGraphics
Sounds of the Amiga #22010Music CollectionGraphics
Manifold2010Music CollectionConcept, Graphics, Design
Enforcer 2 Preview V2 +4M2008CrackCrack
Poisonous Injection2008DemoGraphics
Adventstid2007One-File DemoGraphics, Text
Orange2007DemoCharset, Graphics, Text
Stranded +2P2007CrackBug-Fix, Crack, Trainer
The Wild Bunch2006DemoGraphics
Revolution2006DemoGraphics, Music
Princess L2006GraphicsGraphics
Stella by Screenlight2005One-File DemoGraphics
The Throckmorton Device2005One-File DemoGraphics
Beatnik2005Music CollectionDesign, Graphics
Berlin-Tegel Flughafen2004MusicConcept, Music, Charset
Cidade de Deus2004GraphicsGraphics
Under the Edge2004One-File DemoGraphics
Candy2003One-File DemoMusic, Graphics
Cosmic Storm +3 (Lightgun)2003CrackOriginal Supply, Docs
Goose Busters + [pal/ntsc] (Lightgun)2003CrackHelp, Docs, Original Supply
Gunslinger + [pal/ntsc] (Lightgun)2003CrackOriginal Supply, Docs
The Set Up2003One-File DemoGraphics
Collapsar +22003CrackOriginal Supply
Blue in Green2003GraphicsGraphics
Macho Programming2003DemoGraphics, Disk Cover
A Rotten One!2003GraphicsGraphics
Harmonious2003One-File DemoCharset
Frogger Clone2002CrackOriginal Supply
Sceptre of Baghdad Uncut +DW2002CrackCrack
Alea Jacta +32002CrackLinking, Crack, Trainer
Theory and Practice2002GraphicsGraphics
Lucy2001One-File DemoMusic, Graphics
Emission2001One-File DemoGraphics
Oktober2001One-File DemoGraphics
Bjuv2k2000One-File DemoGraphics
Triad's da Name 991999DemoGraphics
Bubble Preview1996CrackOriginal Supply
Triad Xmas Intro1996Crack introMusic
Mindexpander1996One-File DemoGraphics, Disk Cover, Music
The Run Preview1996CrackOriginal Supply
No Control1994One-File DemoGraphics
Weather Wax1994MusicMusic
Lemon Blues +P1994CrackTrainer, Crack
No Control Preview1994One-File DemoMusic
Portfolio1993Graphics CollectionMusic

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