The Meatball

The Meatball was once a leading member of the norweigian group Digital Designs, famous for demos such as Jerkland and Jerkland 2. Digital Designs was turned into Unlight, which then merged with the swedish group Delta (headed by Taper). Together they formed the new group Ambient which was supposed to take over the world, but things didn’t really turn out as expected.

Instead, the best members from Ambient were recruited by TRIAD, and The Meatball was one of those who joined. Sadly, he turned inactive almost instantly and vanished from the scene. But then in 2002 he returned to supply two previously unreleased french games that TRIAD translated and firstreleased!

COUNTRY:  Norway
JOINED:  1996
CSDB ID:  1017


Heli-Jump +2 [english]2002CrackOriginal Supply
Devil's Gallery +4 [english]2002CrackOriginal Supply

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