TDM (short for The Dungeon Master) is a childhood friend of King Fisher, knowing eachother before they even acquired Commodore 64’s! TDM began his career in Royalty, a swedish group with quite interesting members, including some who later ended up in TRIAD. Royalty released both cracks and demos, and their most well-known production might be the demo Metal Generation, which contain music by, among others, TDM.

When The Golden Child (later known as Bismarck) left Royalty to build up Rebels together with Watchman and Dynamic, some other Royalty members followed, among them TDM.

However, Rebels did not work out as expected, and instead the majority of the members were offered to join TRIAD. Many did, including Bismarck, Dynamic, Hero, King Fisher, Watchman – and of course, TDM.

From then on, TDM functioned as a musician for TRIAD, composing quite some tunes rightfully considered as SID-classics today. Among his work we have to highlight the music for the demo-trilology Red October, Red Storm and Refugee, but there are tons of TRIAD releases containing tunes from him.

Somewhere before the release of Refugee, TDM faded into inactivity. Quite some years later he appeared again, making music for modern commercial C64 games such as Knight & Grail and Pains ‘n’ Aches. As of August 2018, TDM is also back in business making music for TRIAD again!

FUNCTION:  Musician
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1990
CSDB ID:  4236


Zoltar Speaks2023IntroMusic
Cocktail II2023One-File DemoMusic
Bachtracking2023Music CollectionText, Music
Martin Ljungs Pung2023MusicMusic
Castle Shadowgate +DS2023CrackTest
Uncle Petscii Presents Good King Wenceslas2022DemoMusic
Inbread +22022CrackOriginal Supply
The Bogdanoffs2022GraphicsMusic
Coppernicus2022One-File DemoMusic
Salem's Lot2022GraphicsMusic
Va' den grön får du en ny2022MusicMusic
Dra skinnet bakåt2022MusicMusic
Primetime2022Music CollectionMusic
Attitude #212021DiskmagMusic
SUPER 162021DemoMusic
Graviton +1C2021CrackOriginal Supply
Uncle Petscii's Droids of Star Wars2021DemoMusic
Akhnaten2020One-File DemoMusic
Uncle PETSCII's Christmas Show2020DemoMusic
Chars Sucks2020One-File DemoMusic
Becoming Danko2020Music CollectionMusic
Zunea Zunea2020MusicMusic
Social Distancing2020One-File DemoMusic
Into Hinterland World +42020IDE64 ReleaseTest
Millie & Molly +22020CrackOriginal Supply
Ukulele Girl2020MusicMusic
Into Hinterland World +42020CrackTest
Attitude #202020DiskmagMusic
Vandal by Heart (fixed version)2020MusicMusic
Brain Death +2PF2019CrackTest
Christmas Reforged2019Crack introMusic
Arne Alligator2019One-File DemoMusic
No More Grey Dots20194K IntroMusic
Zoo Much Information2019MusicMusic
Vegetables Deluxe V1.0 +1D2019CrackTest
Trogue64 +5H2019CrackTest, Original Supply
Chopper Command +3D2019CrackTest
Cash Heart GP2019One-File DemoMusic
Fat Albert2019One-File DemoMusic
Floppy in Action2019MusicMusic
Samantha Fox Strip Poker Pro2019DemoMusic
Frantic Freddie II +32019CrackTest
The Age of Heroes +8D2019CrackTest
DUBCRT +3D2019CrackTest
Edu-Intro2019Crack introMusic
Raster Compleeto2019Crack introMusic
Edu-Intro2019Crack introMusic
I Want to Love You Tender2019MusicMusic
Slicka en flicka2019MusicMusic
Stolen Properties2019One-File DemoMusic
L'Abbaye des Morts +2DS2019CrackTest
Attitude #192019DiskmagMusic
Raster Compleeto2018Crack introMusic
Revolution Intro2018IntroMusic
Mega Ukulele2018One-File DemoMusic
Screw It!20184K IntroMusic
Attitude #182018DiskmagMusic
Hell Santa2013One-File DemoMusic
Macho Programming2003DemoMusic
Midislave Manager V1.0 Beta1994ToolTest
Portfolio II1994Graphics CollectionMusic
Music-Assembler V1.41994ToolTest
Mind Control1993DemoMusic
Gamers Guide #181993DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #171993DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #161993DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #15.51992DiskmagMusic
Red Storm1992DemoMusic
Backtracking1992Music CollectionMusic
3rd Stone from the Sun1992DemoMusic
TRIAD "King Fisher intro"1992Crack introMusic
Gamers Guide #141991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #131991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #121991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #111991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #101991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #41991DiskmagMusic
Red October1991One-File DemoMusic
Time Out1991DemoMusic
ViNews #101991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #91991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #81991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #71991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #6 [pal/ntsc]1991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #51991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #41991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #31991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #11990DiskmagMusic

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