Taper was one of the founders of the new supergroup Ambient. However, Ambient turned out really short-lived. TRIAD took up most of its members and Taper was one of them. Providing new blood to the cracking section, not in terms of actual cracking but all the other duties that needed to be done, original supply, first release uploading and PR. Doing such a fine job that Jerry felt confident to hand over the day to day business in the early millennium. Thanks to Taper, TRIAD have had numerous releases the past 15 years.

Taper is also the tireless sysop of Antidote Рthe longest running BBS in the history of the C64 scene!

FUNCTION:  Managing Director, Sysop
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1996
CSDB ID:  990


Battle Khaos II +DF2023CrackTest
Cricket Maths +D2023CrackTest, Docs
Zoltar Speaks2023IntroSampling
Chess +D2023CrackDocs
Cocktail II2023One-File DemoText
Muddy Racers +10D2023CrackOriginal Supply, Test
Space Blaster +2D2023CrackOriginal Supply, Docs
Lost Realms of Murkasada Episode 2 +22023CrackTest
Bachtracking2023Music CollectionText
Castle Shadowgate +DS2023CrackTest
Remission2022DemoHelp, Text, Test
The Burger Ninja2022CrackTest
Attitude #132022IDE64 ReleaseTest
Attitude #122022IDE64 ReleaseTest
Attitude #112022IDE64 ReleaseTest
Attitude #102022IDE64 ReleaseTest
Attitude #72022IDE64 ReleaseTest
Attitude #82022IDE64 ReleaseTest
Movie Quiz Preview 2 +2022CrackOriginal Supply, Trainer
Coppernicus2022One-File DemoHelp, Text
Miner 2019er +5D2022CrackTest
Primetime2022Music CollectionText
Scramble Infinity V1.2 +4D2022CrackTest
Scramble Infinity V1.2 +42022CrackTest
Sonic the Hedgehog V1.2 +52021REU ReleaseTest
Gyro Shoc Preview +22021CrackHelp, Test
Sonic the Hedgehog +52021REU ReleaseTest
Sonic the Hedgehog V1.1 +52021REU ReleaseTest
Sonic the Hedgehog +52021REU ReleaseTest
Attitude #212021DiskmagText, Test
SUPER 162021DemoText, Test
Santa's Workout +22021CrackHelp
Katabatia V1.1 +1D2021CrackTest
Soulless 2 - The Armour of Gods +3D2021CrackTest
Mad Scientist2021One-File DemoSampling
Terminal Fighter Preview V3 +42021CrackOriginal Supply
Monstro Giganto +5D2021CrackTest
Mini-Zork II +SM2021CrackTest, Text
Toxic Frenzy +D2020CrackTest, Original Supply
Movie Quiz Preview +S2020CrackOriginal Supply, Trainer
Rabbit Runner +H2020CrackTest
Outrage Preview 2 +42020CrackTest
Chars Sucks2020One-File DemoText
Attitude #12020IDE64 ReleaseTest
Party Quiz +HFDMJ2020CrackTest, Original Supply
Grid Pix +1PD [disk version]2020CrackTest
Social Distancing2020One-File DemoText
Terminal Fighter Preview V2 +22020CrackOriginal Supply
Hired Sword II +3D2020CrackTest
Chiller 2 Preview 2 +3H2020CrackTest
Old Tower +3D2020CrackTest
Fire! +2020CrackTest
Crackpots +1D2020CrackTest
Crackpots V1.01 +1D2020CrackTest
Attitude #202020DiskmagText
Jetdroid +2D2019CrackOriginal Supply, Docs
Magnetoball +1D2019CrackDocs, Test, Original Supply
Santas Funky Factory +1D2019CrackDocs, Original Supply
Brain Death +2PF2019CrackTest, Text
Freeze64 +1D2019CrackTest, Original Supply
Ninja Invasion Simulator Preview V3 +22019CrackTrainer
Mr T Meets His Match +D2019CrackDocs
Mr T's Alphabet Games +D2019CrackDocs
Mr T's Money Box +D2019CrackDocs
Banana Republic Preview +3D2019CrackDocs, Trainer
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackTest
Crystal Caverns +1D2019CrackHelp, Test
Cash Heart GP2019One-File DemoText
Super Goatron +22019CrackTest
Terminal Fighter Preview +2019CrackOriginal Supply
The Age of Heroes +8D2019CrackTest
DUBCRT +3D2019CrackTest
Toyshop & Lollipops +D2019CrackTest
Beach Bar +4D2019CrackDocs, Test
Super Galax-I-Birds +4MF2019CrackTest
Monopoly Preview V2 +D2019CrackHelp
Attitude #192019DiskmagTest, Text
Death in the Caribbean +DS +Map2018CrackHelp, Test
O-Pat-Ko-No +DF2018CrackDocs
Mega Ukulele2018One-File DemoText
Cow & Chicken Preview2018CrackOriginal Supply
Memory-Safe +22018CrackText
Mind the Mines +2018CrackText
Trump Tower +2018CrackText
Conga 4096 +2018CrackText
G7000 Racer! +1H2018CrackText
Orbs +2018CrackText
Soft Machine2018DemoText
Organism +6D2018CrackDocs
Attitude #182018DiskmagText
Bewitched Preview 2 +22018CrackOriginal Supply
Sam's Journey +9D2018CrackDocs
Megatanoi Preview V2 +D2017CrackDocs, Test
LuftrauserZ +22017CrackTest
Slipstream +2 [sales version]2017CrackTest
Planet Golf +32017CrackHelp, Original Supply
Dreadnought2017Music CollectionText, Help
Itchtris Preview +22017CrackTrainer, Linking
Pengon +1HD2017CrackDocs, Test
Galencia Preview +2017CrackTest
Slipstream +22017CrackTest
Soda Shop +42017CrackTest
Equinox +42017CrackTest
Pong +D2016CrackOriginal Supply
Hit and Run Baseball +D2016CrackTest
Ancient Legends Preview +D2016CrackDocs
Sounds of the Amiga #42016Music CollectionText
Die! Alien Slime +8D2016CrackTest, Docs, Trainer
Attitude #172016DiskmagInterviewed, Test, Text
Space Invadaz Extra Preview2016CrackOriginal Supply
Gubbdata 2016 Invite2016InvitationText
Hessian +52016CrackTest
Slime +2016CrackHelp
Attitude #162015DiskmagText, Test
Scorched Earth Preview2015CrackLinking
Sprint 1 +22015CrackHelp
Labyrinth of Crete &DS &Map2015CrackTest
Hangman's Hazard +2DF2015CrackDocs
Bruce Lee II V1.9 +2015CrackTest
Return of Heracles ++MD+Map2015CrackText, Help, Test
Sounds of the 80s2015Music CollectionText
Bruce Lee II +2015CrackHelp
Upshift!2015One-File DemoText
Lost & Found2014DemoText, Test
Inside the Cube2014Crack introText
Donkey Kong Junior +6HD2014CrackDocs
Donkey Kong Junior +3D2014CrackDocs
Helicopter Attack Preview +3FT2014CrackNTSC-Fix, Translation
Attitude #152014DiskmagTest, Text
Darkipede +H2014CrackHelp
Darkness +6DS2014CrackHelp
Kur pelite tu tuceji +2014CrackTest
Rolloverture +3D2013CrackTest
Oolong Preview2013CrackTest
Bomberland +5PD2013CrackDocs, Test, Help
Helsings Hunt +22013CrackBug-Fix
Attitude #142013DiskmagText
Lemmings Preview + [unofficial]2013CrackTest, Docs
Radar Simulation +D2013CrackTest, Linking, Docs
Exodus Preview2012CrackLinking
Otherworld +4F2012CrackLinking
Wonderland V2 +42012CrackTest
Dunzhin +D2012CrackDocs, Test, Linking
Heavy Metal Deluxe Gold +4HF 101% [pal/ntsc]2012CrackLinking, Test
Attitude #132012DiskmagText
Airliner 101% +D2012CrackBug-Fix, Docs
Burden of Grudge2012One-File DemoText
Gertie Goose +2012CrackTest
Slicker Puzzle +D2012CrackLinking
Chicanery2012One-File DemoText
Space Shuttle +D2012CrackHelp
Drone Processor Preview2012CrackOriginal Supply
Pot Nabber +2011CrackOriginal Supply
Supernatural Preview 2 +32011CrackLinking, Trainer
Supernatural Preview +22011CrackLinking, Trainer
Bits'n'Pieces2011DemoGraphics, Test, Text
Attitude #122011DiskmagText
Bewitched Preview +22011CrackOriginal Supply, Trainer, Linking
Sounds of the Amiga #32011Music CollectionText
Undead Preview2010CrackOriginal Supply
Attitude #112010DiskmagText
Another Kingdom Preview +2010CrackLinking, Trainer
Knight Rider - The Board Game2009CrackLinking, Original Supply
U-1012009CrackLinking, Original Supply
Enforcer 2 Preview V2 +4M2008CrackCrack
Poisonous Injection2008DemoHelp, Design
On the Road Again2007One-File DemoTest
BFP 2007 Invite2007InvitationText
Joe Gunn Preview2007CrackLinking
Stranded +2P2007CrackHelp, Bug-Fix
Pushover 64 Preview2006CrackLinking, Original Supply
Fungus II +32006CrackOriginal Supply
Elian2005CrackOriginal Supply
Haunk2005CrackOriginal Supply
Opal2005CrackOriginal Supply
Marble Logic Preview2005CrackOriginal Supply
Tour de France 20052005CrackOriginal Supply
Team Patrol Preview2005CrackOriginal Supply
Antidote2005BBS GraphicsGraphics
Light Cycles [2 Player]2004CrackOriginal Supply
Phong!2004CrackOriginal Supply
Squid Preview2004CrackLinking, Original Supply
Dodgem64 Preview2004CrackOriginal Supply
Extreme Force Preview2004CrackLinking, Original Supply
Wavegame Preview2004CrackOriginal Supply, Crack
Attack of the Blue Bomber Preview +22004CrackOriginal Supply
Solitaire2004CrackOriginal Supply
Kid Grid 2: Kid vs. Kid +52004CrackOriginal Supply
Solar Jetman +92004CrackDocs, Text
Baby Blues +3 (Lightgun)2003CrackOriginal Supply, Docs
Cosmic Storm +3 (Lightgun)2003CrackOriginal Supply
Ghost Town +2 (Lightgun)2003CrackDocs, Original Supply
Goose Busters + [pal/ntsc] (Lightgun)2003CrackOriginal Supply, Help
Gunslinger + [pal/ntsc] (Lightgun)2003CrackOriginal Supply
Operation Wolf +6 (Lightgun)2003CrackOriginal Supply
Metal Warrior 4 +2D 100%2003CrackText, Original Supply
Weird World2003CrackOriginal Supply
A.T.T.A.C V1.02003ToolTest
Chopper 12002CrackOriginal Supply, Linking
Tron II2002CrackOriginal Supply
Sceptre of Baghdad Uncut +DW2002CrackText
Heli-Jump +2 [english]2002CrackText, Translation
Devil's Gallery +4 [english]2002CrackTranslation
BOFH +82002CrackOriginal Supply
BOFH Beta2002CrackOriginal Supply
Firebird2001CrackCrack, Docs
Slimer2001CrackOriginal Supply
Aniso +2001CrackOriginal Supply
Bubbles2001CrackOriginal Supply
Snoopy II Preview2001CrackOriginal Supply
Walker2001CrackOriginal Supply
Ballonacy Preview V32001CrackOriginal Supply
Detective Takashi Preview2001CrackOriginal Supply
Oppression2001One-File DemoDesign, Graphics, Concept, Idea
Cheeky Twins 3 Preview2001CrackOriginal Supply
Chicken Race2001CrackOriginal Supply
Chicken Race Preview V22001CrackOriginal Supply
Lingo2001CrackOriginal Supply
Micro Fighter2000CrackOriginal Supply
Metal Warrior III Preview2000CrackOriginal Supply
Aake 3 +42000CrackOriginal Supply
Bjuv2k2000One-File DemoGraphics
Abrakadabra Preview2000CrackOriginal Supply
Razor Preview2000CrackOriginal Supply
Metal Warrior 2 +6S2000CrackOriginal Supply
Go-Kart +H1999CrackOriginal Supply
Pacmacx Preview1999CrackOriginal Supply
X-Tris1997CrackOriginal Supply

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