Tango joined TRIAD together with a bunch of people from the swedish group Twilight back in 1993. He was involved in a few things before vanishing from the scene. However, in 2000 he returned with a demo called “Return of Tango” that he released by himself since he had lost most scene contacts during the years. TRIAD noticed the demo and promptly asked Tango to rejoin, which he did.

He then worked on “Macho Programming” and “Pride” before sliding back into inactivity, but who knows if he will be back sometime in the future again…

COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1993
CSDB ID:  2541


Pong +D2016CrackOriginal Supply
Pride2004One-File DemoCode
Macho Programming2003DemoCode
Weather Wax1994MusicCode
Jarre Freak1993MusicMusic

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