Skyhawk was originally a PC scener (and also a bit involved in the console scene), being a founding member of Objectile, which later merged into Rebels. In 1993 he bumped into Taper and started hanging around c64 sceners as well. About two years later he joined up with Tapers group Delta, and then followed into Ambient in 1996, when Digital Designs and Delta joined forces.

Ambient was however short lived as TRIAD recruited half the members, while the other half ended up in other groups or in inactivity. This was when Skyhawk joined Laxity as a graphician and trader. Activity came and went in cycles, but he stayed a member of Laxity until the end of March 2018, when he left them to join TRIAD as a petscii artist, trader and editor.

Skyhawk has been an integral part of the south Swedish scene for ages, co-organizing the legendary line of Floppy parties together with, among others, TRIAD members. It’s about time he beamed aboard the mummyship!

FUNCTION:  Trader, Editor
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  2018
CSDB ID:  1522


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SUPER 162021DemoGraphics
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