Skydive was one the founding fathers of TRIAD, and provided a lot of originals for the group during the first year of existance. He also cracked plenty of them himself, but already during the middle of 1987 he left the C64 scene and TRIAD behind.

FUNCTION:  Cracker, Supplier, Swapper
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1986
CSDB ID:  2120


Speedball1989CrackOriginal Supply
Escape from Paradise +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Rogue Trooper +1987CrackCrack
Sailing1987CrackOriginal Supply
Druid II +2H 101%1987CrackHelp
Max Torque1987CrackCrack
Max Torque1987CrackCrack
Chameleon1987CrackOriginal Supply, Crack
Paradroid - Competition Edition1987CrackOriginal Supply
Terror of the Deep1987CrackOriginal Supply
The Curse of Sherwood1987CrackCrack
The Last Ninja +21987CrackOriginal Supply
The Last Ninja +21987CrackOriginal Supply
The Last Ninja +2D1987CrackOriginal Supply
Shadow Skimmer +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Top Gun +D1987CrackCrack
Hades Nebula +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Mag Max +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Rogue Trooper1987CrackCrack
Wizball +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Wonderboy +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Head over Heels +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Metro-Cross +1987CrackCrack
Temple of Terror1987CrackCrack
Dogfight 21871987CrackCrack
Cyborg +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Express Raider +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Enduro Racer1987CrackCrack
Samurai Trilogy1987CrackOriginal Supply
Fire Track1987CrackCrack
Delta +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Big Trouble in Little China +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Nemesis +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Ranarama +1987CrackOriginal Supply
10th Frame1987CrackOriginal Supply
Into the Eagle's Nest +1987CrackOriginal Supply
The Curse of Sherwood1987CrackCrack
Moon Crisis 19991987CrackOriginal Supply
Bomb Jack II +1987CrackOriginal Supply
The 5th Axis +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Leviathan +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Nosferatu the Vampyre1987CrackOriginal Supply
Masters of the Universe - The Adventure1987CrackOriginal Supply
Terror of the Deep1987CrackOriginal Supply
Raid 20001987CrackCrack
Hyper Bowl1987CrackOriginal Supply
Sport of Kings1987CrackOriginal Supply
Jail Break +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Tomahawk1986CrackOriginal Supply
Tomahawk1986CrackOriginal Supply
Blood and Guts1986CrackOriginal Supply
221b Baker Street1986CrackOriginal Supply
Hypa-Ball1986CrackOriginal Supply
Legend of Kage1986CrackOriginal Supply
America's Cup Challenge1986CrackOriginal Supply
Breakthru1986CrackOriginal Supply
Yie Ar Kung-Fu II1986CrackOriginal Supply
Brilliant Triad!1986One-File DemoGraphics
7.55 with Triad1986One-File DemoGraphics
Brev nr. 11986Misc.Text
The Triad Letter1986Misc.Text
Read the 64'er1986Misc.Text
Big Trouble in Little China +1DCrackOriginal Supply
DandyCrackOriginal Supply
Just TriadMisc.Text
New Uridium 100% +CrackOriginal Supply
Rogue Trooper +CrackCrack
Super DiskdocCrackCrack
The Last Ninja +2DCrackOriginal Supply
Wizball +CrackOriginal Supply
Wonderboy +CrackOriginal Supply

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