Sgt. Pepper

Sgt. Pepper started fiddling around with the c64 in 1986, together with a local dude also from Strängnäs who called himself Midnight Hacker (formerly m.i.r.g). They did some utilities in basic and reversed-engineered demos to see what happened if they played around with the machine code. When Midnight Hacker later embarked on the dark road of criminal activities and ended up in jail, contact was broken.

Then Sgt. Pepper got more into coding in machinelanguage and joined up with P&P Studios, as run by his father Jerry. When Jerry was recruited by TRIAD to take over the leadership of the group, Sgt. Pepper followed.

During his active days in TRIAD, Sgt. Pepper mostly coded demos, but also contributed with some graphics, ideas and a smashing tune for Gamers Guide #14.

JOINED:  1988
CSDB ID:  904


Jerry / L.T.N.S1995Misc.Music
Gamers Guide Note Special1992DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #141991DiskmagMusic
In Bergen1990One-File DemoCode
For Kicks1990One-File DemoCode
Fifi1989One-File DemoCode
The FSK-Demo1989DemoCode
Summertime Blues1989One-File DemoCode
Triad+Light-Co1989One-File DemoRipping, Idea, Graphics
Spacewalker1989One-File DemoCode, Graphics
Yf Naf1988One-File DemoCode

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