FUNCTION:  Cracker
COUNTRY:  The Netherlands
JOINED:  1992
CSDB ID:  3238


Iduna Preview +21994CrackTrainer, Crack
TRIAD "Dutch intro 1"1994Crack introCode
Exis +31992CrackCrack, Trainer
Afterworld +71992CrackCrack, Trainer
Arnie +1992CrackTrainer, Crack
Bubble Dizzy +61992CrackCrack, Trainer
Comet Preview +21992CrackCrack, Trainer
Dark Cosmos1992CrackCrack
Dreadnought II +21992CrackCrack, Trainer
Duonoid +21992CrackCrack, Trainer
Escape from Mars Preview +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Hektic +8M1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Kangarudy +31992CrackCrack, Trainer
Kopido +41992CrackCrack, Trainer
Mice Mania +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Mission Nada +21992CrackCrack, Trainer
Muzzy Zoophyte +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Naughty Nudger +41992CrackCrack, Trainer
Oskar +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Pot Fun1992CrackCrack
Road Runner +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Space Gun +31992CrackCrack, Trainer
Stagger +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Super Seymour +61992CrackTrainer, Crack
Tai Chi Tortoise +21992CrackTrainer, Crack
The Golden Pyramids1992CrackCrack
Treasure +21992CrackCrack, Trainer
TRIAD "Dutch intro 2"1992Crack introCode
TRIAD "Wisdom intro"1992Crack introCode
Spellbound Dizzy +21991CrackTrainer, Crack
Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles +51991CrackCrack, Trainer

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