S64 joined the scene and TRiAD in March 2023, but has been active in the collector and retro community since long.

Interested in C64 games, and especially sports titles, he is the man behind stadium64.com which has information on more or less all sports games for our system. Stadium64 collects these games, but also manuals, covers and adverts.

In addition, S64 is an administrator over at retrocollector.org and has an extensive knowledge about C64 games in general, different versions and rare titles.

In TRiAD, he will contribute with this knowledge and also function as an original supplier.

FUNCTION:  Original Supplier
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  2023
CSDB ID:  38348


Cricket Maths +D2023CrackTest, Original Supply
Chess +D2023CrackTest, Original Supply
Muddy Racers +10D2023CrackTest
Space Blaster +2D2023CrackOriginal Supply

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