Ruk was the founder of Newness but soon ended up in Prestige instead. He then quit the scene in 1990 and was gone until early 2012 when he re-appeared with a neat Game of life clone for the c64 in 256 bytes. Being approached by TRIAD, it was decided Ruk would join up, but first he wanted to complete the demo 64 Seconds together with Houbba on their own. Ruk and Houbba joined TRIAD right after Datastorm 2012, forming the basis for the TRIAD Northern section.

It didn’t take long until Ruk became the Architect of TRIAD, and was more or less involved in all productions during the following two years – most notably the highly acclaimed demos Revolved and Continuum, in which he worked closely with Dane for the soundtrack. Their successful collaboration ultimately led to Ruk joining Booze Design in April 2014. “It was an offer I couldn’t refuse”.

Although we were dejected by the fact that he had to leave us, there were no hard feelings. Ruk has been a great inspiration to us and he is without a doubt one of the most important members in the modern TRIAD history.

COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  2012-02-13
CSDB ID:  14330


Becoming Danko2020Music CollectionCode
CheeseCutter 2.8.02015Other Platform ToolHelp
CheeseCutter 2.7.12015Other Platform ToolHelp
CheeseCutter 2.6.12014Other Platform ToolHelp
2048 +22014GameCode, Linking, Trainer
Crankintro2014Crack introCode
Kur pelite tu tuceji +2014CrackOriginal Supply
Continuum2014DemoLinking, Code
Hell Santa2013One-File DemoCode
KickAss Cruncher Plugins 1.0-beta2013Other Platform ToolCode
Release the Cheese Music Disk2013Music CollectionCode
CheeseCutter 2.5.02013Other Platform ToolHelp
QRule World2013GraphicsGraphics
Revolved2013DemoCode, Linking
Liberation2012Graphics CollectionCode
Airliner 101% +D2012CrackBug-Fix
Burden of Grudge2012One-File DemoCode
Chicanery2012One-File DemoLinking, Text, Code

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