During the 80’s Powerslave was one of the founding members of swedish groups such as Genesis (not to be confused with G*P) and Power Station. He was also a member of Tronix, but some members (including Powerslave and Rowdy) built the new group Alto-brows. Alto-brows was however short-lived with Rowdy and some other members leaving for FairLight.

Powerslave then became inactive, until 2011 when he made a small comeback and released some demo parts again. When he again turned up in 2017, TRIAD recruited him as a coder. He left Tronix in the process, being their longest standing active member.

COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  2017
CSDB ID:  825


Cocktail II2023One-File DemoCode
Bachtracking2023Music CollectionCode
Primetime2022Music CollectionCode
SUPER 162021DemoTest
Chars Sucks2020One-File DemoCode
Social Distancing2020One-File DemoCode
Attitude #202020DiskmagText
Arne Alligator2019One-File DemoCode
No More Grey Dots20194K IntroCode
Fat Albert2019One-File DemoCode
Samantha Fox Strip Poker Pro2019DemoCode
Edu-Intro2019Crack introCode
Raster Compleeto2019Crack introCode
Edu-Intro2019Crack introCode
Super Galax-I-Birds +4MF2019CrackHelp
Attitude #192019DiskmagCode
Raster Compleeto2018Crack introCode
Mega Ukulele2018One-File DemoCode
Dancing Keith2018Crack introCode
Soft Machine2018DemoCode
Walk of Shame2018GraphicsCode
Reflections2018One-File DemoCode
Attitude #182018DiskmagCode
Sam's Journey +9D2018CrackTest

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