Pantaloon had been a member of Noice but then faded into inactivity at the same time as Noice did. Memory is a bit fuzzy, but he was most probably recruited to TRIAD in 1996 when Taper went to Borlange with some Amiga and PC sceners to visit Tao/TRIAD and Joyride/Noice who both lived there at the time.

Somehow, we ended up at Pantaloon’s apartment, and this was probably when he joined TRIAD. However, he quickly became impossible to reach and it turned out he spent all his sparetime playing MUD. The other TRIAD members had to create characters in the same MUD game just to be able to get in touch with him. In the end, Pantaloon only made one production for TRIAD before sliding back into inactivity (or rather his text-based dungeon).

Years later, he ended up a very active member of FairLight instead. Perhaps he had finally conquered the MUD by then?

COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1996
CSDB ID:  804


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