Mr. Pinge

Mr. Pinge was a founding member of WCC, after which he started Relax together with his wingman Janitor. When Relax dissolved, most members joined TRIAD – and among them was Mr. Pinge. While he had been coding and cracking for his past groups, in TRIAD he focused on swapping. As a modem trader he had good relations with the Americans, strengthening TRIAD’s position in the cracking world. Mr. Pinge became a key member in TRIAD, by many considered the best in the business – every week tirelessly sending out packages.

Mr. Pinge was active until August 1988 when he retired.

FUNCTION:  Swapper
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1987
CSDB ID:  2114


Message To My Contacts!1988Misc.Text
Taking a Break1988One-File DemoCode, Design, Text
Illegal #281988PapermagText
Target Renegade +21988CrackTrainer, Crack
TRIAD "Import intro"1988Crack introCode
Thunder Light Preview +31988CrackTrainer
Scout +3H1988CrackTrainer
Outrun + 101%1987CrackDocs
Music from Inspector Gadget1987MusicText, Code, Ripping
Connection '871987One-File DemoCode
New International Standard1987One-File DemoIdea

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