Moloch has his roots firmly set in the american scene, coming from well-known groups such as ATC, NEI and Armageddon. During his long career, he has also been a member of european based crews like F4CG, SCS+TRC and others.

Being used to handle multiple functions, he is probably mostly known as a cracker, ntsc-fixer, coder and diskmag editor (being one of the founding members of the popular US diskmag Driven).

In the past Moloch was frequently cruising the boards as well as being co-sysop on several places, for example Beyond and Virtual Reality.

On the 22:nd of November 2014, he left his other groups behind and joined TRIAD – adding his muscles to the mothership!

FUNCTION:  Coder, Cracker, NTSC-fixer
JOINED:  2014
CSDB ID:  930


Lost Realms of Murkasada Episode 2 +22023CrackOriginal Supply
Castle Shadowgate +DS2023CrackOriginal Supply
Outpost 2.0 +22022CrackOriginal Supply
CT-Fishing Mini Game Preview +2021CrackOriginal Supply
Chiller 2 +2D2020CrackOriginal Supply
Chiller 2 Preview 2 +3H2020CrackOriginal Supply
Attitude #202020DiskmagText
Chiller 2 Preview +32019CrackOriginal Supply, Test
Beach Bar +4D2019CrackOriginal Supply
Super Galax-I-Birds +4MF2019CrackOriginal Supply
Ancient Legends Preview +D2016CrackOriginal Supply
Blaster Twins Preview2016CrackOriginal Supply, Linking
Slime Deluxe +32016CrackOriginal Supply
Squirm 2 Preview2015CrackOriginal Supply
Hangman's Hazard +2DF2015CrackOriginal Supply

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