Maxlide used to operate under the handle Captain Power during his days as a cracker in Anarchy in the 80’s. Later, he was a member of well-known groups such as Avantgarde, Alpha Flight, Hysteric, F4CG and more – now using the handle Skid Row.

In early 2019, he joined up with TRIAD, now operating under the handle Maxlide, and immediately proved invaluable for us Рputting his energy into releasing fine dealer quality software for the masses and functioning mainly as cracker, coder and fixer.

FUNCTION:  Cracker, coder, fixer
COUNTRY:  Germany
JOINED:  2019
CSDB ID:  31968


Magnetoball +1D2019CrackTrainer, Linking
Brain Death +2PF2019CrackNTSC-Fix
Chiller 2 Preview +32019CrackTrainer, Linking
Freeze64 +1D2019CrackLinking, Docs, Trainer
Hypochondriac +DS2019CrackDocs, Linking
Frostbite +4D2019CrackTrainer
Chopper Command +3D2019CrackLinking, Trainer, Docs
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackCrack, Original Supply, Trainer
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackTrainer, Crack, Original Supply
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackTrainer, Original Supply, Crack
Crystal Caverns +1D2019CrackTrainer, Linking, Docs, Original Supply
Run Demon Run +1D2019CrackLinking, Trainer, Docs
Pocket Dungeon +2019CrackTrainer, Linking, Original Supply
Minimike Preview V2 +2019CrackLinking, Trainer, Bug-Fix
Trzask Tensorskiego +1T2019CrackTrainer, Linking, Bug-Fix
Frantic Freddie II +32019CrackTest
The Age of Heroes +8D2019CrackTrainer, Docs, Original Supply, Linking
DUBCRT +3D2019CrackLinking, Trainer, Ripping
Beach Bar +4D2019CrackLinking, Trainer
Super Galax-I-Birds +4MF2019CrackTrainer, Linking, NTSC-Fix
Monopoly Preview V2 +D2019CrackHelp

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