Maxlide used to operate under the handle Captain Power during his days as a cracker in Anarchy in the 80’s. Later, he was a member of well-known groups such as Avantgarde, Alpha Flight, Hysteric, F4CG and more – now using the handle Skid Row.

In early 2019, he joined up with TRIAD, now operating under the handle Maxlide, and immediately proved invaluable for us – putting his energy into releasing fine dealer quality software for the masses and functioning mainly as cracker, coder and fixer.

FUNCTION:  Cracker, coder, fixer
COUNTRY:  Germany
JOINED:  2019
CSDB ID:  31968


Magnetoball +1D2019CrackLinking, Trainer
Brain Death +2PF2019CrackNTSC-Fix
Chiller 2 Preview +32019CrackLinking, Trainer
Freeze64 +1D2019CrackTrainer, Linking, Docs
Hypochondriac +DS2019CrackLinking, Docs
Frostbite +4D2019CrackTrainer
Chopper Command +3D2019CrackTrainer, Docs, Linking
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackTrainer, Crack, Original Supply
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackCrack, Original Supply, Trainer
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackCrack, Trainer, Original Supply
Crystal Caverns +1D2019CrackOriginal Supply, Linking, Docs, Trainer
Run Demon Run +1D2019CrackTrainer, Docs, Linking
Pocket Dungeon +2019CrackOriginal Supply, Trainer, Linking
Minimike Preview V2 +2019CrackTrainer, Bug-Fix, Linking
Trzask Tensorskiego +1T2019CrackLinking, Bug-Fix, Trainer
Frantic Freddie II +32019CrackTest
The Age of Heroes +8D2019CrackLinking, Original Supply, Docs, Trainer
DUBCRT +3D2019CrackRipping, Trainer, Linking
Beach Bar +4D2019CrackTrainer, Linking
Super Galax-I-Birds +4MF2019CrackNTSC-Fix, Linking, Trainer
Monopoly Preview V2 +D2019CrackHelp

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