Malmix has his roots in the Amiga scene but founded the C64 group Fatzone in 2007 together with Pezac. Skilled in both coding and pixelling, Malmix has been involved in creating a number of appreciated demos for Fatzone. As a graphician, he’s been highly successful, top-scoring in almost every compos he’s been in. Together with Pezac, he co-organized the GREP gatherings, hosting both Amiga and C64 sceners.

At Datastorm 2013, Malmix joined TRIAD together with Pezac after releasing their last Fatzone demo, Deuce.

After a couple of releases for us, Malmix and Pezac decided to leave TRIAD in February 2014 to continue as an independent duo.

FUNCTION:  Coder, Graphician
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  2013-02-10
CSDB ID:  8898


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